Who is Pilates for?

Pilates is for everybody! It is for teenagers, old people, for who had a rehabilitation, professional athletes and dancers. Everybody can take advantage of the Pilates method. The equipment used and the exercises can be easily adapted to each individuals needs.

Do I need previous experience?

No experience is required. The only way to learn Pilates is just practicing Pilates. All that is  necessary is just the desire to strengthen and balance the body and improve its performances, removing pain.

Can I practice Pilates, while I’m having physiotherapy, or having osteopathy’s treatments etc..?

That depends on the injury.  Here at Pilates Performance Studio we believe in a team approach consulting with medical professional through out your recovery.

In most cases pilates can be continued while under the care of Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopathy and Md’s.  The therapist can help to reestablish muscular  balance and eliminate painful symptoms, while Pilates will teach you how to keep the obtained balance, finding again strength and flexibility so to avoid future incidents.

How long do I have to wait before seeing the results?

Someone has noticed changes in few Pilates lessons. The majority of people note an improvement of strength and flexibility in just few weeks. Nevertheless, the real result is the combination of an improvement in short times and some long-lasting changes of the fitness, so to have a durable wellness. That makes people ‘devoted to Pilates’ for years and decades. It is necessary, anyway, to remember that the process is individual and it depends on your healthy conditions, if you had physical exercises in the past and on the number of lessons per week.

Is Pilates able to tone up and model the body?

It’s definitely true! In Pilates we tone up, strengthen the body, holding it flexible, and lengthen. In reality, this is the most evident physical result coming from the practice of this method. That means a slim waistline, a more flat stomach and a better posture, but a stronger, healthier and more shaped body.

How many lessons should I take per week?

For greater results at least 2 session a week. The body more effectively learn with a regular plan and a gradual rhythm, putting together the physical fatigue to the mental one. A lesson per week is not regarded as ineffective, but the progresses are slower…

How can I be sure that Pilates is good to me?

You can come attend one of our lesson in the studio, and see for yourself how Pilates works.  We are always available to answer to your questions even on the phone or by email.

What is the difference between the matwork lessons and the equipment lessons?

During the matwork lessons, all the participants carry out the same exercises, instead during the equipment lessons it is created a specific plan for each customer. Every body is different and that’s the reason why the equipment lessons are recommended to clients, who have pain or have injuries.