Francesca Bertoni

Francesca began practicing Pilates in London during her dancing career.Having experienced the benefits of this method on herself, she then decided to qualify as a mat teacher and later equipment with BASI , attending Amit Youger’s teacher training courses at the Royal Academy of Dance in Battersea, London.
From that moment she taught in various studios in England, and later in Florence for an orthopaedic surgeon. Francesca studied with some great teachers such as Jennifer Stacey, travelling abroad to deepen her knowledge.
In 2011 she met Deborah during a workshop in London. Since then she began a close collaboration with her, where she organised workshops for teachers at her studio in Florence, Pilates Performance. Deborah was her mentor for all the following years and she still is! She attended her workshops and took her mentor program twice at her studio in New York.

Roberta Sequino

Roberta began her studies in Florence, where in 2016 she graduated in Sport Science, Health and Sport. Simultaneously with her passion for dance she continued her studies in Rome at the Italian Personal Trainer Aipt Association, with which she obtained her diploma and technical card in 2016. Intrigued by the world of Pilates, in 2017, she moved to Madrid where she developed her interest at the international MasterPilates school.
Studying with Mabel Cabrera and Luisa Core in 2018 she obtained, after a year of training and practice, the diploma of International Professor of Pilates mat and machines. From 2017 to 2018 she worked in pilates studios in central Madrid, such as F6 Pilates, Granada Pilates and The Pilates Club. In June 2018 she obtained the certification of the PMA supporting their examination with a positive outcome. In September she returned to Italy where she began working in Florence with Francesca Bertoni and Figline Valdarno.