Back in 900’, Joseph Pilates invented the method in Germany, to whom he gave it his name. Pilates is a group of exercises aimed at the reeducation of our psychomotor system, regarded as safe and low impact, with clear positive outcomes towards the strengthening, stretching and sculpting  of the body. Initially, dancer and athletes were drawn to its efficacy in order to rebalance their body so to fully cultivate its possibilities, but, then, the method spread out till it acquired international popularity, giving everybody the possibility to take advantages of the benefits. It targets the postural musculature, that stretching itself would not correct, without overloading so much the joints, improving posture and balance; through equipment and exclusive exercises, we gain great flexibility and strength.

This discipline, even though it is fully finished, can work in conjunction: athletic training, cardiovascular activity, as well as being complementary to the rehabilitative therapies, as physiotherapy or chiropractic treatments and osteopathy. Pilates is, very often, also regarded as an ideal support to strength and balance, during the pregnancy, as well as support to the preparation of childbirth and as a recovery of the posture and abdominal strength, after the childbirth. The benefits of a regular and constant plan are balanced, and give the client a strong sense of their center of gravity’s, action on the muscular tensions, caused by an incorrect posture.
Every lesson is a source of fluid movements in small and big everyday actions, and a renewed faith in their own body.